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"Opvizor's AI assistant immediately spots vSphere performance bottlenecks before I hear from our users" -- Tom Luessi

Performance monitoring, forecasting, reporting, event tracking 

What our customers love about us

The built-in expertise detects performance issues pro-actively. Opvizor installs and optimizes your vSphere environment in minutes.

  • Rapid Deployment:
    Experience easy setup and use within just 5 minutes, ensuring a swift start.

  • Unparalleled Performance Insights:
    Gain access to unique insights that reveal the true performance of your systems.

  • Resource Waste Identification:
    Quickly pinpoint and address wasted resources in your infrastructure.

  • Effective Resource Forecasting:
    Simplify resource planning with straightforward and efficient forecasting tools.
  • Bottleneck Detection:
    Easily locate and resolve performance bottlenecks in ESXi hosts and VMs.

  • Sensible Predefined Alerts:
    Benefit from intelligently crafted alerts that are meaningful and actionable.

  • Integrations:
    Use built-in integrations for Linux, Windows, MS SQL, Oracle, NetApp, Cisco, Tanzu, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and many more. 

  • World-class Customer Support:
    Rely on our top-tier customer support for any assistance you need.

What our customers say

“It makes for a great one-stop shop for monitoring key VMware metrics! It comes pre-packaged with ready-to-use dashboards that are color coded with thresholds providing immediate feedback on performance, KPIs, health, and areas of concern. I’m very pleased with the application and the support team behind it. Highly recommended!”

“We use Opvizor for many many years successfully to troubleshoot performance issues, optimize resource usage and develop deployment guidance! I simply can't do my job anymore (that includes managing 3000+ VMs) without Opvizor.”

“The tremendous flexibility and the possibility to create your own dashboards with metrics and logs you want to keep one eye on it all the time across different infrastructure products from different vendors. I also like the amazing support from the Opvizor team!”

“With Opvizor we have a one-stop visualization to monitor our resources across our VMware infrastructure and Microsoft Azure cloud deployments. This makes it easy for us to pinpoint performance issues and their root causes independently of the platform. This is something difficult to achieve with the monitoring tools provided by either VMware or Azure.”

Customer Success

Examples of our customers' success with Opvizor

Recovery of over 1.2 TB of storage space within a few weeks.

By recognizing unused VMDKs, leftover VMs in the data store and old snapshots, it is not uncommon to save hundreds of GB. Some customers have recovered over a TB within a month.

Detection of a missing redundancy that caused a massive network packet failure.

Using the performance monitoring and the built-in alerts to detect network package anomalies, the root cause was identified in hours.

Saving an investment of 2 million dollars by optimizing the NUMA configuration.

With an overview of NUMA usage and displacement over several months, the customer was able to avoid excessive hardware expenditure. The environment already consisted of 380 ESXi hosts.

Detection of ransomware based on an unusual hard disk usage pattern.

Suddenly, one system experienced huge spikes in read and write access to the hard disk, triggering Opvizor warnings. As Microsoft Windows was also being monitored, the customer was able to quickly identify and stop the process before it could cause any major damage.

What's right for you?


  • Scalability out of the box

  • Access from anywhere

  • Always up to date (latest features)

  • Maintenance built-in (Storage, Updates, Backup)

  • SSO authentication

  • Invite your consultant

  • near-infinite data storage

  • monthly pricing (usage based)


  • Data sovereignty

  • Air-gapped deployment

  • Local IAM or local AD connectivity

  • Full control over your instance

  • Features depend on your maintenance

  • Storage depends on your maintenance

  • upfront payment

Opvizor AI Assistant

Opvizor AI Assistant knows and understands the content of all VMware vSphere documentation, bug reports, knowledge base articles, best practices. It understands and speaks human languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Powershell.

Fast and effective issue remediation

  • Troubleshooting for configuration, metrics, and logs
  • Smart Knowledge Base Search
  • Intelligent VMware Manual Search
  • Automated PowerShell Scripts
  • Linux command line and scripting assistance
  • Kubernetes Configurations Mastered
  • support for many scripting and spoken languages

At a glance infrastructure health

Up to date insight and detailed performance metrics of virtual and cloud infrastructures and important subsystems (Microsoft SQL, NetApp, Oracle, Cisco, Brocade)


Everything you need to run a fast and reliable Cloud environment

Never miss a beat

Connect the dots and find bottlenecks across your virtual and cloud infrastructure. VMware ESXi, Virtual Machines, vCSA, Storage, Network, Applications. Performance and Log data close to realtime.

30+ integrations

VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, Linux, Windows, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Dell PowerMax, Docker, Kubernetes, Tanzu and more

Data correlation

Use performance data, configuration data, log feeds and events correlated in one dashboard view. Get alerted based on unwanted configurations, performance deterioration, or outages.

Fully customizable

Create new dashboards or customize existing dashboards to meet your needs. Choose from more than 50 built-in dashboards that meet specific needs.

Virtual Machine Bottlenecks

Find bottlenecks and optimize your VMware Virtual Machines

Check VM CPU, Memory, Network and Disk performance

VMkernel performance

Monitor and optimize your VMware ESXi hosts

Check CPU, Memory, Network, Disk and VMkernel performance