Multi-platform performance monitoring and  troubleshooting

No ticket overload, faster resolution, and operational excellence, independent of hypervisor and cloud provider.



Watch our webinar to gain a complete view of your entire IT infrastructure, VMware vSphere to Hyper-V and Proxmox, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Windows, Linux, NetApp, Cisco, and more.

Examples of our customers' success with Opvizor

New VMware pricing forced customer to reduce number of hosts saving hundreds of thousands.

Thanks to Opvizor's wasted resources and forecast dashboards customer saved $280,000 in licensing by moving some workloads to Proxmox.

Detection of a missing redundancy that caused a massive network packet failure.

Using the performance monitoring and the built-in alerts to detect network package anomalies, the root cause was identified in hours.

Opvizor NUMA Waste Alert saves customer 2 million dollars in hardware.

Discovery of NUMA waste and displacement over several months, the customer was able to avoid excessive hardware expenditure.

Anomaly detection found ransomware patterns in several VMs.

Suddenly, systems experienced huge spikes in read and write access to the hard disk. Customer saved effort and money by stopping the ransomware before damage was done.

IT Monitoring and troubleshooting across all virtualization and systems platforms

Realtime insight and performance metrics of virtual and cloud infrastructures supporting VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Proxmox, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, Oracle/KVM.


Opvizor AI Assistant

Opvizor AI Assistant knows and understands the content of all VMware vSphere documentation, bug reports, knowledge base articles, best practices.

Fast and effective issue remediation

Troubleshooting for configuration, metrics, and logs
Smart Knowledge Base Search
Automated PowerShell Scripts
Linux command line and scripting assistance
support for many scripting and spoken languages

Everything you need to run a fast and reliable Cloud environment

Never miss a beat

Connect the dots and find bottlenecks across your virtual and cloud infrastructure. VMware ESXi, Proxmox, KVM, Virtual Machines, vCSA, Storage, Network, Applications. Performance and Log data close to realtime.

30+ integrations

VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, Linux, Windows, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Dell PowerMax, Docker, Kubernetes, Tanzu and more

Data correlation

Use performance data, configuration data, log feeds and events correlated in one dashboard view. Get alerted based on unwanted configurations, performance deterioration, or outages.

Fully customizable

Create new dashboards or customize existing dashboards to meet your needs. Choose from more than 50 built-in dashboards that meet specific needs.


  • Scalability out of the box

  • Access from anywhere

  • Always up to date (latest features)

  • Maintenance built-in (Storage, Updates, Backup)

  • SSO authentication

  • near-infinite data storage

  • monthly pricing (usage based)


  • Data sovereignty

  • Air-gapped deployment

  • Local IAM or local AD connectivity

  • Full control over your instance

  • Features depend on your maintenance

  • Storage depends on your maintenance

  • upfront payment