All your VMware, AWS and Azure metrics and logs monitored in one place

Never miss a performance bottleneck, filled up disk or dropped network package again. Know your operational risk of Hosts and Virtual Machines in your multi-cloud environments.



300+ Customers Trust Our Tools for Superior Performance & Insight!

Use natural language

Opvizor's AI Companion 

Your Ultimate Cloud Operations Ally

Unlock unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in your cloud operations with Opvizor's AI Companion. Seamlessly integrating with your daily tasks, our AI harnesses the power of real-time insights, extensive knowledge bases, and script automation, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the digital realm.

Remediate issues faster and more effective

  • Troubleshooting for configuration, metrics, and logs
  • Smart Knowledge Base Search
  • Intelligent VMware Manual Search
  • Automated PowerShell Scripts
  • Linux command line and scripting assistance
  • Kubernetes Configurations Mastered
  • support for many scripting and spoken languages
Stay on top

Virtual Infrastructure Health

  • Always stay on top of your virtual infrastructure and feel the pulse of your environment
  • Monitor vital metrics of your most important virtual machines, check the network utilization of your ESXi host and much more from a single pane of glass.

Everything you need to run a fast and reliable Cloud environment

Never miss a beat

Connect the dots and find bottlenecks across your virtual and cloud infrastructure. VMware ESXi, Virtual Machines, vCSA, Storage, Network, Applications. Performance and Log data close to realtime.

30+ integrations

VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, Linux, Windows, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Dell PowerMax, Docker, Kubernetes, Tanzu and more

Data correlation

Use performance data, configuration data, log feeds and events correlated in one dashboard view. Get alerted based on unwanted configurations, performance deterioration, or outages.

Fully customizable

Create new dashboards or customize existing dashboards to meet your needs. Choose from more than 50 built-in dashboards that meet specific needs.


What our customers say

“It makes for a great one-stop shop for monitoring key VMware metrics! It comes pre-packaged with ready-to-use dashboards that are color coded with thresholds providing immediate feedback on performance, KPIs, health, and areas of concern. I’m very pleased with the application and the support team behind it. Highly recommended!”

“The tremendous flexibility and the possibility to create your own dashboards with metrics and logs you want to keep one eye on it all the time across different infrastructure products from different vendors. I also like the amazing support from the Opvizor team!”

“With Opvizor we have a one-stop visualization to monitor our resources across our VMware infrastructure and Microsoft Azure cloud deployments. This makes it easy for us to pinpoint performance issues and their root causes independently of the platform. This is something difficult to achieve with the monitoring tools provided by either VMware or Azure.”

Virtual Machine Bottlenecks

Find bottlenecks and optimize your VMware Virtual Machines

Check VM CPU, Memory, Network and Disk performance

VMkernel performance

Monitor and optimize your VMware ESXi hosts

Check CPU, Memory, Network, Disk and VMkernel performance


Subscription plans for every infrastructure size


starts at $550/year

Up to 10 ESXi hosts

Includes performance monitoring and log analysis + 3 more extensions.

  • Checkmark Online support
  • Checkmark VMware vSphere Performance Data
  • Checkmark VMware vSphere Log analysis
  • Checkmark 3 more extensions (Linux, Windows, DB)
  • Checkmark on-premises installation



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Add infrastructure, resource planning or application monitoring to Opvizor.

  • Checkmark Operating Systems
  • Checkmark Databases
  • Checkmark Storage Systems
  • Checkmark Network Components
  • Checkmark Compliance Modules

Need clarification?

Can I run Opvizor on-premises?

Yes, Opvizor runs without any internet connectivity.

Opvizor is available as a virtual appliance that you can import into your VMware vSphere environment. Patches can be downloaded from our customer portal and installed without any internet access. 

Do I need to install any agents to collect VMware vSphere data?

Many integrations work without installing an agent:

  • VMware vSphere
  • NetApp
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Dell PowerMax
  • Cisco UCS
  • Cisco Switches
  • Brocade Switches

Agents are required for Operating System data and some applications.

How to analyze log data?

Opvizor supports the Syslog protocol and you can simply configure the ESXi hosts, the vCSA appliance and many other systems to send data to the virtual appliance.

How well does it scale?

Opvizor has been developed with scalability and efficiency in mind. Most deployments consist of a single virtual appliance that can consume all metrics, logs and configuration data. When exceeding 100 ESXi hosts and 1500 VMs, we recommend a split into 2 virtual appliances.  In any case, you see all data within the dashboards.