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Tamperproof audit trail of all configuration changes for VMware vSphere

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Track what’s happening in your VMware vSphere and its components

Track and audit all changes

Never miss a configuration change or license violation in your VMware vSphere environment. Fully auditable change tracking

Important integrations

VMware vSphere, ESXi hosts, VMs, and key applications like Oracle DB, Java, SAP, Microsoft SQL

Proof license usage

Match licenses with VM or ESXi changes. Proof changes or no-changes to vendors. All changes storage in a tamperproof and auditproof database

Alerts on critical changes

Custom alerts on virtual machines or ESXi changes that can cause license violations and other

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Need clarification?

Can I run Opvizor on-premises?

Yes, Opvizor runs without any internet connectivity.

Opvizor is available as a virtual appliance that you can import into your VMware vSphere environment. Patches can be downloaded from our customer portal and installed without any internet access. 

Do I need to install any agents to collect VMware vSphere data?

No agents are required