VM Predictive Analytics:

Powered by 720+ Rules & a team of vExperts

opvizor is a "simple-to-use", collective knowledge expert system that "proactively" detects
VMware and/or NetApp configuration and operating issues within your environment.

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"Our opvizor solution is now the central platform and an expert system for our VMware environment. It brings to light Issues that we didn’t even know existed. With its extensive rule base, we can recognizes problems before they become a DISASTER. Our opvizor solution also has one of the largest and most up-to-date VMware best practices rules base which is ever growing by its community of users. Like everyone, I had concerns about the Cloud. So opvizor presented to me with their very extensive data security protocols, anonymization and encryption processes of all infrastructure data. Now with opvizor , I have the peace of mind which was missing and know that I can keep my VMware investment fully optimized. This is why I chose opvizor!"

Germany, Frankfurt

"Finally, someone takes the problems that I have with the daily management of virtual infrastructures, as an IT administrator, seriously."

Switzerland, Winterthur

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opvizor® easily discovers system integrity issues and helps to harden your system security. opvizor® acts as your virtual compliance manager.

For all those reasons our customers call opvizor® the #1 Predictive Analytics for their VMware environment.

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What is opvizor?



opvizor is a simple-to-use, expert in-depth analysis solution that pro-actively detects VMware and/or NetApp (additional license) configuration and operating issues within uploaded protocol files, configuration, event and performance data.  opvizor helps you avoid problems before they originate.

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We offer free access to the basic service and adjust the scope of services to meet the needs of your infrastructure.  Licences are based on the number of ESX-Hosts and are payable per year.

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opvizor uses over 730 rules to check your VMware infrastructure and
your NetApp filer to detect issues using complex patterns.  Check out some of our centralized rulebase content.

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See our FAQ or contact us directly. We would love to assist you.

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