Proactively diagnose and fix critical errors in your virtual environment

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Given limited resources and rapid change within our organization, only opvizor VMware health analyzer provides an all-in-one, turn-key, easy to use solution that maintains our VMware infrastructure at its peak.

- Bruce Turnbull, Sr. Systems Admin, The Linde Group -

The Linde Group
Let our 730+ rulebase & VMware expertise detect your misconfigurations before they cause downtime

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Let our 730+ rulebase & VMware expertise detect your misconfigurations before they cause downtime!

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Stop Fire-Fighting – Take control!

Reduce time & money spent maintaining your VMware

  1. Instantly identify your VMware problems with automatic detection and daily health checks
  2. Resolve your VM problems faster by leveraging our wide rulebase and community of VMware experts
  3. Stop the VMware firefighting & take control
Identify VMware Problems
VMware snapshots fix

Don’t let snapshots ruin your day

  1. Free precious disk space wasted by broken, old and invalid snapshots
  2. Speed up your system by stopping memory ballooning and swapping at its source
  3. Align your configurations with VM best practices to ramp your performance by 60%

Don’t limit your virtual databases´ performance

  1. Detect & repair misconfigurations that stagnate & confuse your system
  2. Run double as fast by aligning your VM settings and hosts with best practices
  3. Improve your virtual hardware’s speed by 30% and more by using paravirtual components
Don't limit your virtual databases´ performance

Free Healthcheck in 6 Minutes!

We work with the best VMware Experts from the community, to find issues and provide solutions that were previously unfound.

are affected by invalid snapshots
Database VMs run non optimized

Based on analyzing millions of virtual machines!

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