VMware, AWS and Azure Monitoring in one Place

Never miss a performance bottleneck, filled up disk or dropped network package again. Know your operational risk of Hosts and Virtual Machines in your multi-cloud environments.


Use natural language

Opvizor's AI Companion 

Your Ultimate Cloud Operations Ally

Unlock unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in your cloud operations with Opvizor's AI Companion. Seamlessly integrating with your daily tasks, our AI harnesses the power of real-time insights, extensive knowledge bases, and script automation, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the digital realm.

Remediate issues faster and more effective

  • Fast and precise dashboard navigation
  • Troubleshooting for configuration, metrics, and logs
  • Smart Knowledge Base Search
  • Intelligent VMware Manual Search
  • Automated PowerShell Scripts
  • Linux command line and scripting assistance
  • Kubernetes Configurations Mastered
  • support for many scripting and spoken languages

Performance & Operational Risk Monitoring, Log Compliance and Analysis

Optimize VMware performance and quickly resolve issues in your virtual machine environment

Powerful Dashboards

Monitor vital metrics of your most important virtual machines, check the network utilization of your ESXi host and much more from a single pane of glass.

Virtual Infrastructure Health

Always stay on top of your virtual infrastructure and feel the pulse of your environment.

Find Performance Bottlenecks

Finding bottlenecks is typically a pain, as you either don’t have the big picture, not the historic data required or you just don’t know the thresholds.

Threshold Monitoring

We guide you with easy to understand dashboards, embedded help and predefined thresholds.

Capacity Planning

Track the host and VM resource consumption over time and forecast resources needed in the future. Check how many new VMs can reside on the existing hardware.

Change Management

Track all kind of changes that happen in the lifetime of a virtual machine. Adding memory, setting a CPU limitation or changing the network port group should not happen unnoticed.

Data Correlation

Correlate the performance data in a chart with events that are happening on the virtual machine or the ESXi that provides the computing stack.

Beyond The Hypervisor

Thanks to our OS agents, integrations with physical network components and storage systems you can check the full stack and compare performance data yourself.

Interactive Demos

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Powerful, Easy to use Capacity Planning


Assess Your IT Infrastructure and Plan for Long-Term Growth

  • Use recommendations to optimize your VMware resources
  • View the resource utilization across instances and VMs and over time
  • Estimate consolidation or expansion in your existing or custom environment
  • CPU, memory, network, and disk utilization across cluster and environments


One-Stop shop for monitoring key infrastructure metrics